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Helle From Denmark

Bad bad woman. I'm drooling. Not god when i have craters to collect lakes in!*GRIN* This fibers.....aooohhh......that must be able to do as yarn also.....that is just so yummy....!! I like the way it shows on my screen!!!*GRIN*

And the peacock......oohh, yum.....and then try to add a little varigated to it.....throw it in the pot, with other blues, purples, black......eeh...okay, I'm getting carried away now!*ROFL*


Someone mentioned on their blog that if you put NOLA or KATRINA in the "memo" part of your donation, or somewhere on the envelope if you're sending in a check, that it'll go directly to aid in those areas.

Lisa S

I just made a donation to the Humane Society via these guys (they handled Oprah's charity) You can choose your charity and I decided to remember all of the poor animals that will be stranded and in need of help. You can specify Hurrican Katrina relief


My son helped cook 6000 salisbury steak dinners for the Red Cross after the last season's hurricanes down that-a-way. I am a proud mom. I think a college-age kid really needs that life lesson of how good he has it in life and how needed he is, how important it is to chip in and really help. Yeah, and when he was helping board up a building, holding a 6x8 sheet of plywood in his hands, the wind picked him up and sent him sailing through the air. (Mind you, he is 6'9".) Let's go flying! He thought that was really cool! Some adult told him, enough. GET INSIDE. Oh. Okay.

I just so much wish everybody else caught up in the latest could go safely home eventually afterwards too.

Lisa S

yup, I think that there is need for workers, from what I hear on the news. More Salisbury Steaks...and bowls of kibble.


Wahooo! Is that my Biffle? I'm happy happy happy. :-) And congratulations on the skein winder. The hanks will be flying around your place!

Erik S

The site looks great! This is a side of my mom I never see ;p Keep up the blogging!


Yay for Sam's BFL, I'm glad you got to it! Now, for me that streak of blue really MAKES it...

Lisa S

Yeah Sam, that Biffle came out of the same pot as yours! You should be up to your armpits in Biffle Fluff very very soon. Mmmmmmm.

Uh oh, The Son is lurking...I'd better start talking about him and his bride-to-be, so that he can say in his very deep voice..Mommmmmm. Yeah, everybody...that is my son, the famous slinger of chocolate. I sling yarn...he slings's all Art and good for you. :o)

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