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Helle From Denmark

And then i guess that Miss Souza, the color Queen, are hiding herself in the dye room!*GRIN*

Lisa S

Ummm, there will be a lot of time throwing my shoulder out, winding yarn into skeins. Guh.


I do two different color groups - depending on my mood. One is orange/red - the other is purple/blue/indigo/Forest Green

There can never be too much forest green.


Can you make the skeins 1/4 pounders? That way, if one were inclined to knit lace... Just saying. Also enough yarn for the big-footed like The Flame (Men's 13!) We could all do cool sock/shawls like Miss Pearl-McPhee.

Lisa S

Yes, Angela. I was just having a discussion with Brenda about this and the skeins will be 4 ounces/ 488 yards and will price in at $14 US. Whew...the math, the maaaaaaaathhhhhhhh. Now I just have to skein the darned things.


Purple/blue/bluish green, I'd take it home. Reds towards the blue side. Petal? Kid mohair? Something shawlish that way, anyway.


postscript on that--Seafoam. I need some of that superwash in seafoam, re Gigi's scarf.


One 4 oz skein of shade garden for socks! Please save this for when I get back from down under!


Mmm, what a bargain! Let's see, I think some of that caribbean not-lapis would do for us! Hm, or what about sky drama... Waah, maybe both! Can't wait! Sock-wearing season is coming fast!


Deep Sea. Mahogany. I'm stuck, but it's not a bad place to be!


Brown Trout? Whatever happened to brown trout? (I think that's what it was called...)


Blues and purples. Or rusts/reds, not orange. Greens/blues.


i am still reading....i just asked you for some of your sock yarn, via e-mail, and i will make one of your young looking shawls as soon as you get the kits up. let us know, friend.

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