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Wow, cool! Are you going to wear it yourself, at least for awhile? Now, I can't LIFT size 17 needles, but more power to YOU...


Now that is the way to keep that log jam from coming back.
I could snuggle into it from here.

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh...pretty! That is just what you a quick and even a very pretty thing done. That gives such a good feeling, eh??*GRIN*




Holy cow! What koogey beauty - and so fast! I can't even get a sweater done these days. Pass the prunes. ;-)


Sometimes you just need an instant project like that. That one's gorgeous. You could sell a whole lot of those come Labor Day, you know.


love the shawl Lisa! It doesn't have to be teeny needles to be wonderful.


That is a beautiful shawl! Color and I have trouble seeing eye to eye. This is why I gave up quilting. I was always second guessing myself, and was never happy with what I chose. I would have never thought to put those yarns together. Yet you did, and the end result was stunning. Just amazing.


ohh, the colors are so fun together!

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