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Oh MAN!! That's beautiful!! Yay You!! Are you keeping it or selling it?

What's next?


heeheehee - Lace?? Bwahaha!


That looks so cozy, Lisa. A woik of aht.

Lisa S

Oh, this is certainly for sale. I need it and a few other art pieces for this up coming show, which I am terribly behind in production for. Lace? Go over there and give yourself a good smack, Kerry. NO lace and no socks...lace...mutter mutter mutter.

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, that is beautiful Lisa!! Way to go!! Congrats Hon!!*GRIN*

Hmmm....don't smack yourself Kerry.....i remember some posts ago, where Lisa wrote about some yarn, who could make her consider Lace!!*LOL* We get her one day!*ROFL*


wow! I'm speechless. That is gorgeous and it makes me happy to look at it.


caroline is right, cosy is the word!


That's just freaking beautiful. You are awesome.


OMG! That is absolutely incredible! excellent work!!!


The colour and texture play are stunning. Wonderful Miss Souza!

Helle From Denmark

Okay, I'm evil now.......have you any intention to write that one down as a pattern. I know you loooove making patterns!*EVIL GRIN*

Lisa S

Helle, you just go right over there and stand next to's a good thing that my arms can reach to Denmark, you evil girl. Write the pattern...mutter grumble. Hear me gnashing my teeth? Who is going to pay for another crown when I break a tooth in my dotage. :o)


Lisa, I'm so glad you got past that block. As ever, that is just stunning! I think this and the Tuscan cardi have to be my favorites. May I have just a few of your creative brain cells. Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

Helen in NH

Some things are just worth waiting for my dear.
This beauty certainly was. What a lovely sense of satisfaction you must be enjoying !!!


Wow, that's gorgeous. I hope it's still there Saturday for me to ooh and be in awe of in person, come Labor Day weekend.


That is really impressive. Self-flagellation may get it done, but it doesn't seem to fit the FO. Lovely!


Wow. I'm in awe. It is really beautiful.


A serious woo hoo. I love the differences in textures it makes it alive!


Looks fabu, Lisa! Just curious, what are the dimensions? And how deep is that back neck - I'm researching... mine are always too high...


Lisa.......your sweater is a work of art and you used my favorite fiber :-))

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