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Madame Glitchbane

You are too funny. Stay that way.

Helle From Denmark

Ohhhh, I like Rod's comment.......HA....then they can learn that way!*GRIN*

hoho....did you know, that if/when i marry Mike........then i would be intitled to be an American Citizen, if i went to US with him.......and at the same time Danish Citizen!*GRIN*


black black black, to go with the sky drama please!!! where is the tankster?

Lisa S

Black black blck, blackity black black. is on the list, Miss Moo. The Tankster needs to be photographed! He is getting more testosterone flooding into his system and so he is getting muscular and looking more like a real dog!

Helle, time to marry Mike and move to the US! Perhaps you could get better health care, where they would see you right away when you need a mammagram...(I think that someone should put the short hairs of anyone that makes a woman with a lump wait weeks for a mammagram into a a vice. :o(


my name made the Blog, happy you weren't cussing me for making you type out the pattern, dear, dear, sweet(?) girl.

thank you thank you thank you.

all should arrive Monday, i am anxious.....luv you.


Hah, I'm glad Rod enjoyed telling them they could have him on HIS terms only.

My Sock! came today, Emily took one look at it and pointed to "Pacific" and said, "I want that." I might have to get more if I don't want my pair of socks to be anklets... I'm glad you are being rewarded for taking the sock plunge, or at least being shown a job for Rod if it feels more like a forced march than a reward...

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