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Pay-Attention-Disorder....hmmmmm...I like that. I've always thought of it as "Libra disease."

Lisa S

See, only a Libra, especially one who shares my birthday could get away with that. Hah!


I too like the term pay attention disease. I think my children would agree that I have this disorder and I'm a sagitarius;-)


Lisa, the blue really is just stupidendous, and the matched set sleeves are your usual brilliant work. Talk about pea green envy - that stuff just comes right out of your head and onto the needles. Oy! Glad to hear the Tankinator is doing well, too! :-)

Lisa S

Oh, Sagittarians...I seem to be collecting Sag friends by the fistful these days. Yummy, warm, cuddly and shirt off of the back people. Some of my very favorites. My stepfather was one, my MIL is one, my grandson is going to be one! Not to mention, Sheila and Elizabeth and Kerry and Vicki and Vicki (future daughter in law). See? It's all good...Libra and Sag understand one another.

Yeah Sam...right out of my head, which is why the are the sleeves from Hades. My head was not pooting out more than worry and concern, which can certainly block that brain to needle connection. Ugh. On we go...

Helen in NH

There's a very good liklihood that Brenda's FIRST pattern was ordered by me. Ask her if my guess is correct. Anyhooooo... I do love it in seaglass. You've hugged me, so you know my size; how much seaglass do I need?

Lisa S

Helen, I KNOW that you were the first one because Brenda was very excited to tell me. I have no idea how much you are going to will just have to wait and see what SHE who designs things sez. I'm just the dyer...


Hey, love that description--we Sagittarians are glad to claim you as an honorary one, too, if it involves a description like that. Thanks, Lisa! (And you didn't even know you were letting me pat myself on the back like that.)

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh the color on the wheel you are spinning....looks soooo warm and nice!

Hehe...Pay-Attention-Disorder...he...okay, i'll buy that one...i think!*GRIN*

Poor Tankie! But i agree with you, that it's best that the bits go!:-)


so that's where my lard ass came from ;-0
count me in as another sag! helen's bday is right next to mine.

Helle From Denmark

Ehhh...when is it Lisa's birthday.....?? I gotta know that Lisa!!!*GRIN*

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