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that sucks ;-(


Crum. I wanted it to be a happy ending--which it will eventually be anyway; I have great faith in you both.


Teach him to be self-employed and charge the Corporation double as a consultant. My father is learning, too. He can do it.

Helle From Denmark

OOhhh no........does that means, that you still don't know anything, or that they don't want Rod?? HA.....they don't know what they missing out on.....! I VOTE for that you guys can do it yourself, and i KNOW that you can do it GOOOOD!*HUGGA*


You're wonderful and you and Rod will work it all out. As my grandma says, "everything will be ok." And sometimes, if you say it often enough, it is. :) Joanne


Big corporations have no compassion. Send lots of white light to you and DH.


They'll find out sooner or later that institutional knowledge is worth something but then it will be too late, and he can laugh and laugh knowing that time is coming! Yeah teach him to spin!


When Richard got laid off by DEC, he was part of the only division in the company actually making money--and they came back a month afterwards and tried to rehire all the engineers from the group. Who told them to take a hike. Meantime, since they laid off everybody, it qualified under Federal rules as a plant closing and they automatically had to pay everybody 30 days salary minimum (or was it 60? It's been a dozen years)--but they wouldn't have, had the manager not done the research and found that out. Not long after, my BIL was laid off on a Friday, when he would have been vested for retirement come Monday; Monday, they offered him the same job as a consultant, no benefits. Patently illegal of them. It pays to know, because they're certainly not going to help you find out what they owe you.

Helen in NH

Hang tough Lisa and Rod. It will take a while to find out why this was the best thing that could possibly have happened to you. . . and the wait for that revelation is often unbearable. But it almost always is so.
I'm shooting BEAMS of white light across the time zones at both of you. There's a good reason for this and I will look forward to learning what that might be.


Positive thoughts absolutely BEAMING your way! My mantra, taken from Garth Brooks: "Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers."


Oh Gee, last time I looked in, your DH was looking forward to retirement and the countdown had begun. I shall have to read backwards and catch up on what happened. For heaven's sake, keep your chin up.

Your new cardigan is lovely. I would like to see it in the light and see the sparks.

I am retiring as of Sept 9. At least for long enough to get some knitting done.

Brenda's new cardigan is lovely isn't it? She did post my rendition of her scalloped sea shell shawl. I am thinking about the mosaic colorwork pattern. Love the way it went together.

Lisa S

Yup, chins up. Junieann, I love your rendition of Brenda's shell pattern the most. It just reminds me of a real shell, with the variation in the much more interesting than just natural and it should prove to be an inspiration for people that can't envision something outside of the box...

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