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thanks for the tank fix :-) he looks like a teenager. my madaket (yellow lab) goes crazy if you take her collar off, she keeps trying to stick her nose back into it til you put it back on ;-)
have fun next weekend!


He still looks like he's got some growing to do to put those long legs in proportion! What a babe.

Lisa S

Yeah, a teenager. He is putting on muscle now but has a chocolate lab shaped head after all. He started out looking like a blockhead like Sasha, who has a Rottweiller in the woodpile, but now he just looks like a tankish chocolate that has a black body...not your showdog matrial by any means...fine with me. He was bugging me like crazy tonight after dinner because he had to blow off a bunch of steam and I must say that the retriever instinct is palpable. He goes and gets and then drops it for another go-round. Sasha goes and gets , brings it and then won't give it up. The wonders of Nature.


my madaket has a very long thin face, i like that kind of lab better than the blocky heads (but don't tell sasha). i was told that there are 2 kinds of labs, the american field (thinner sleeker heads, longer legs) and english show (block heads, stockier legs). i had a hard time finding an american field.

Helle From Denmark

I'm a pervert......i KNOW.....but somehow i could see that pink color for Brenda's shoal water!!:-) But also the Ginger Peach....or Elektra. Oh dear..!*GRIN* I'm so in love with my Ginger Peach!*LOL*

Lisa S

Well now, Tank is a combination, then...narrow head (Chocalate Hedddddddd, say it with me now...) and the stocky, big boned body. He wants to learn and go get and do "watch me" and lots of stuff like that. It is good to see because he used to just want to play with his friend but now will pay attention to me when I direct him. It is like some light is going on in that brain of his. Now, if we could just get them into the BAV and to a body of water. (Sasha gets sick and he gets nervous) I think that I would see the breed immerge, big time. Our neighborraises pups for Guide Dogs and I need to take her up on the offer of a swim for Tank. :o)

Helle, this is a great pink...not wimpy at all. (My interpretation of Breast Cancer Awareness Pink. ) The "Turqua" is my interpretation of Ovarian Cancer turquoise. Pat is getting her skeins and a portion of these proceeds is going into the respective funds.

Helle From Denmark

Ohh i know. I am also the kind of person, who really don't care, if people think it's a nasty, or odd color i have long as i like it, and having fun.....! That is a beautiful color..and it would fit the Cardigan, and in my appinion the color must not be to dark for that design......that would spoil it somehow!:-)


Tank has a beautiful coat and so shiney....i bet you have an enormous food bill. i buy london broil or whatever on sale for my big girl, Maia, the German Shepherd, and my love and shadow.

oooo my box just arrived with my goodies from you. gotta go. love ya

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