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They're all stunners, but those bottom two are singing their siren songs. What gorgeous work, Lisa.


Woohoo, I'll have to haunt your site! Too bad when I open that picture I see ?mOMS?0=ӟ㵥?=ێS?Q?L?d?퐴?K6ﭼ?eg뇕?uE???Й?b?Nפߒ??g4e??:񨁨C??m??w?ӷf?/Pи†?c]56?.G%o򈊦Wy??\?b%㤐????J촌(ʣBf?z?3???ݔhG|?ǫ?ɋ&$?wʈi~?悔M?Ј???~?`?]E8ud.k(?cVֹ?&?(??&㨳eʏ)?l?+ޝ?^aD?)???쇛>??(???- gotta love Typepad's upgrade. I'm postponing starting a pair of socks till I can do it with your yarn.

Lisa S

That is so weird. The Husband says that on his particular computer at work, he gets that kind of stuff on some pictures and others come in fine but on another friend's work computer, there is no problem. I am at a total loss, being a point and click kind of girl. Boo hoo.

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, the queen of are amazing. Think of the amount of yarn, you can get done and ship even faster, with Rod by your side!! I think you guys will get VERY BUSY!*GRIN*

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