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Helle From Denmark

Ohhhh Poor Tank!!! He is stressed alright!! Watch out, that it will not be a bad habit he gets!:-) Of course he can sense all what is happening...and remember to give him some time also, as you use to, so he don't feel that he is all alone in the world!!:-)))

Kid/silk.....Yum yum....don't tell anymore....already have enough on my list i want from you!!*GGGG*


Tabasco on the plasterboard...

Hey Lisa! Yesterday in Berkeley, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee loved your Sky Drama shawl too.

lisa S

Oh Alison, how cool to meet The Harlot in person. I missed her in Maryland but will catch up to her one of these days, that wacky woman.

I am reaching for the tabasco right NOW!


Did you say sock yarn?

Lisa S

SOCK YARN, SOCK YARN, SOCK YARN. There, I said it and won't take it back. I am just waiting patiently and look forward to making it happen for you guys. :o)


Tank has gotten huge!!!Still a puppy though. We have a six year old puppy. Poor lisa. i feel your pain.


oh that little stinker ;-) thanks for a good belly laugh!


Well, I never knew a dog that ate walls before. I wonder if he hears something inside the wall?

Helen in NH

Peppermint Gum tree ?? Ooooh.
I know I'm supposed to be paying attention to the Tank attack, but I am dazzled by the vision of a Peppermint Gum tree.
Off to google it up and take a look.
Biffle huh? OKAY. Niger huh? OKAY. Google first, webshowroom next.

Lisa S

Yeah, Peppermint Gum. Pretty with dappled shade and piles and piles of PITA little leaves. Messy Bessy from Down Undah.
There is no Biffle yarn on the site is just a glimmer in its mother's dye pots, and besides...The Candian Queen is on vacation and so I will have to wait with the Jeopardy music in my ears until she gets back to working on the website. :o)

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