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I'm daydreaming about those sock yarns.....
I think your attitude is fantatic, considering the blow that was handed to your family. I have been holding you in my thoughts. My father faced forced early retirement, and it was difficult. But now he loves, loves, loves his life. I hope the same for you.

I bet the shawl kits go like crazy. I love them. Maybe a poncho variation too, as people seem to really like that too.


I think the shawls are wonderful Lisa they will be eaten up like candy!!!!


Way to go, Lisa! Just wondering - what age is "too young to retire and too old to be on the job market"? I am 56 and facing the loss of funding for my soft-money position at the University in the next year or so. Actually half of it is going away in October. I am feeling "too tired to be on the job market" - and also have a self-employed spouse (woodworker). So it's into the void with heads held high around here, too.


These days it almost feels like MY age (38) is too old to be on the job market! Big employers are going cheaper and cheaper by the minute! It's almost as if HR departments base half their decisions on whether or not they can get 20 years out of you or not!

Go Lisa! Go Lisa! Go Lisa!

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh Lisa......everything just looks so yummy.....!! Now you are going to keep yourself warm in one of those cozy shawls.......or shall i knit you are real lace one......since you are not going to do it!*GRIN* Just keep the good work and Rod can do it...I'm in no doubt!:-) Slobbery hugs from Denmark.....!*GRIN*

Lisa S

Well, I am keeping my chins up and moving on. It gets a little nerve wracking to feel like the business will carry us but when The Daughter went off to out of state University, the cotton sweater idea came into my little pea brain...I have faith. I just want The Husband to be happy and energetic and heck, we can do that on tuna melts as easily as filet mignon. :o)

Jeez, lace shawls for this knitter, that is certain. However, I will never say never to socks, especially with more and more colors piling up around here. Yippee!


The sock yarn looks fabulous and you know we're all cheering for the two of you. Go House S!


Anyone have dibs on the blue yet? MINE.

Mine mine mineminemine


Whoa! You *have* been busy. What a riot of color. I'm glad you and Rod got to have just a bit of fun, and I love the "kiss my ass" pink shirt. I might just need one of those! I'm glad to hear that you're both doing well. Oh, and that blue is to die for!

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