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What she said. I just got home, the weekend was WONDERFUL. The animals are glad to have me at home, though Crockett is a quite miffed that I've been cheating on him and have doggy lipstick on my collar.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

P.S. The lovely daughter and grandfetus are adorable! Rod was extremely hostful and tolerant - Rod and Lisa are both lucky dates. :-)


Too cool! I'm going to go knit a bit more Shade Garden tonight to celebrate with you. Glad you got to come, Kerry!

Helle From Denmark

Ewww....i am jealous!!*GRIN* Oh boy....i will dream about, how it would be to visit the Dyeing Queen Lisa....she is such a wonderful, and fun person....!! That must have been some really fun days!!!!!:-)))


what fun :-) color me chartreuse! and "see" sasha? how can you miss sasha?


Looks like fun, and I love having a peek into the DyeRaj.
While you were doing all that, I spun BFL... yummy...

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