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Yah shure, you bet, it's my fault there. I guess that's proof that it's really happening. Maybe I'll blame you that our temp is going to drop 30' by tomorrow. Hell froze over.


ohmygosh that is stunning, I hope mine comes out half as nice! Gorgeous! Good thing you wrote it down... Emerald City works for me...


Well, holy cow, you've done it again. Emerald City will join the line up {she asks hopefully}?


I really like what you've done there. The emerald city is yummy. Once I get better at this spinning thing, I think I'll splurge on your goods. Can't stand the idea of wasting all that fibery perfection on learning.


Why is it that every time you post a picture I have a new favourite colourway? It's very stressful. Now that you've shaken me to the core by knitting socks, I predict that you'll be knitting a shawl on itty bitty needles soon. You know you want to.

Helle From Denmark

*GIGGLE* Yeah...miss a lace shawl!*LOL*

Niiiiice color this Emerald.......could you hear my american accent???*GRIN*


oh, yeah, when lisa starts knitting a lace shawl with tiny needles the earth will really come to an end ;-0

June P

Emerald City is gorgeous, Lisa! And what is this black, black, black for Vanessa? I love black as well, how 'bout emerald city and some black offset in it? Your colors are just the best -



Black? You can do black? Oh my...

LOVE the emerald city. I'm so fickle.

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