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thanks :-) glad your head didn't explode! tank looks adorable. if you had golden retrievers you could just scoop up that hair and spin it ;-0


Man those big guys sure like to drag thier feet. I think the zen attitude you have is such a sane one! Keep it up girl!


Hm, 72 stitches is not outlandish, you might want to use (brace yourself) size 1 with that yarn. I tend to do 60 stitches on size 1 needles because I have skinny ankles and everything falls down.

I love reading about Prophane negotiating with Can You Hear Me Now. I remember when EDS was laying off people from where I used to work, they would pull dirty tricks like that - a week before a person's last day, when they had already accepted another job, they'd extend them a month to avoid having to pay severance.

I'm glad you are getting enjoyment out of my silly green bfl, we might need a better name for it... Emerald Isle?


what, you vacuum the dog flooff up? My husband thinks it helps keep us warm in the winter...! Hah. I'm like you, I get hysterical about the amount of dark floof 'cause it feels like it is taking over the world.

Oh, and good thing you are getting all these wool socks. I think it is going to be a 'turn down the thermostat' winter in this country! Where are Jimmy Carter's solar panels and sweaters when you need them? :) Joanne

Lisa S

Awww, we can all do this.I've been through the coffee shortages, the sugar shortages (my defining memory of this was of an old friend coming to see my band at a restaurant and pocketing all of the sugar packets while the rest of us sat with our mouths hanging open.), gasoline shortages, electricity shortages and now natural gas shortages. If you think that I believe that this is not greed driven, you sadly mistaken. We can all learn to live with low water gardens in the west, local produce, sweaters indoors (yeah, baby, yeah!) and demand fuel efficiency, all the while doing it with the attitude that you are doing this for yourself. Prophane thanks everyone, ever so much, for driving living rooms on wheels...hey, they turned transit systems from efficient people movers into air and traffic choking buses...let the railroad systems fall in place of thousands of polluting, noisy, dangerous trucks. They are loving this. Wear your sweaters, drink organic coffee/tea, think about solar panels (wish that I could afford them, still), drive smaller vehicles and give Prohane and the old Enron boys the British salute. Don't do it as victims, do it as a way to take your power back.
Soap box goes back under my desk. SIGH, sez she who has seen it all before.


We call them "Dog Buffaloes". Have you thought of trying the two circs method for socks? I like it much better.

Chela Jane

Oh that Tank, what a ham! Ya' know we lab folks should get together and pool all that fall fur... I can provide light yellow and dark milk chocolate buy the bushel!

Helle From Denmark

Hi Dear!

Sitting on a computer on the hospital. Michael's blood sugar is still too high. We properly have to stay least until Friday....Maybe longer. If he have improved, then MAYBE he can get home for the weekend, but we don't know yet. The email you girls can email is . I cannot promise i can get to check it out, because it is not easy to find time to get to a computer.....and when we have time, it is not always we are lucky that there is one avaiable. There is a LOT we have to learn..and i tired!!

If you email me....then use this email address i gave you here, until i get home...then i might be able too see it...!!:-)))

Your socks looks good.....!!! I brought some knitting with me....HA..but there have not been a lot of time, because we have to learn about Diabetes...and it just sucks all of the energy i don't have out of me!!:-)

Hugga Helle


We call those dust-puppies in our house.

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