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Helle From Denmark

*LOL* That is funny!! I was thinking cat bed, when before i was even reading it!!!:-))) Good kitties are jealous now!!!*GRIN*

And ehhh..what yarn is that, who are laying ON THE TABLE.....NO plastic around it?? I WANT TO KNOW!!! I like the look of that stuff!!!!! So spit it our dear!*GREEEN FACE* LOL*

Lisa S

That is Blue Faced Leicester in Shade Garden. :o)

Helle From Denmark that homespun, or is it some yarn, you don't have on your website?? I cannot find anything who is called that...or is it me??*GRIN*

Can you feel my feet on your butt???*LOL*


Yow! Oh well, sugar pie looks content...


Oh I have so had that happen to me........what was that thing you said about moons and planets awhile back?


My spinning teacher of years ago once set a potful of wool to cool, dyebath and all, on her back porch. In green, a bit on the teal side, like yours. Her cat climbed in and rolled around in it. A white and gray cat. Green, at that point, till it grew out again. I later once had my neighbor's cat watching me bring roving outside to dry, and when I brought out the green, that one was emphatically hers. She climbed in it (at least no dyebath there, just the wool) and rolled around in it. Something about green? So I'd say you picked just the right color to make your cat happy. Perfect.

I really like the irony of the idea of the oil industry getting taken out by its own effects on the weather--!


Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!!


In my next life, I want to come back as your cat so that I can have a cashmere or hand dyed merino nest to curl up in and two dogs to boss around.

Lisa S

Yeah, I have never felted roving before and so I just started looking at it like an end product ingredient, rather than something that had to be spun to make something. It is really pretty...I'll take a photo now that her furry little rear is out of it.

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