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The one thing I've found the Norwegian Purl method useful for is to purl that first stitch on DPNs. Otherwise, I tend to think it's more work than just moving the yarn in front, but . . . starting a DPN with a purl . . . that's well worth using that Norwegian Purl method!


come to florida and i'll hold your hand throughout the whole heel ;-) i promise, cross my heart.

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh please do Miss Lisa.......turn the world sideways!! At this point, it might not be such a stupid idea!!!*GRIN*


it is beautiful! but then every thing you do is. :)


Cool! You will love them! There's nothing like wearing your handknit socks. How many stitches do you have and what size toothpicks???

Shawls will come my pretty, shawls will come.

Lisa S

Caroline...back off. I have a vase full of pointy things and I know how to use them. I put 74 stitches on my size 2's I knit pretty tight but then this is an experiment...better larger than smaller. I have big clodhoppers...size 10's. Big boned gal...

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