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Nancy J

OK, Liza.....this is Exactly my colorway and my adoptive homeland (Petroglyph Country) email me with info about how I can get some of this lucsious-looking fiber into my life, please.


Wow gorgeous color!!!I love blue and brown!!


Oh my, that is a great colorway!


Oh gourd - I love that.


My Shade Garden top-down circular shawl is so long that if I don't stop now, I'm going to have the world's weirdest-shaped afghan, but I'm having a hard time stopping. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Thank you, Lisa, your yarn is such beautiful artwork!


Oh yummy, Liza! Rocks and bark and shadows in the sunset.


Well, duh. Too excited to spell right. Make that Lisa, not Liza.

Helle From Denmark

Wow Lisa.....that is actually a very Yummy and warm color...*DROOL*


you are evil woman! i just finished the other merino ;-)

Helle From Denmark

*LOL* She's just a devil woman.....tralala...lalalala.....! Sorry, couldn't resist!!*GRIN*

You have to dye a color called The Devilist Lisa!*GRIN*

Lisa S

Oh, you guys are killllllling me. Of course, this merino thing was a dye run done on some natural light brown merino that I had lying, you all want it. Sheesh! Now I have to make it "on purpose"... Mel, look what you have done! Thanks for shaking my head until the little pea dropped into the proper hole.


Mine Mine mine mine mine


Reminds me of all those Gulf Island beaches mmmmmm, summer :)


Lisa, I just got an email from my mom. My sister in Houston can't evacuate; the roads are impassable and the gas stations are emptying of fuel. She's on a hill, at least, and at the moment it's hot and dry there. And I am coping by wishing her and her neighbors well, while knitting like mad on your Pacific colorway. Bright greens and blues, with bits of purple here and there: with the sun at my back, glowing those colors in my hands, it feels like the eye of the storm is coming to be in my stitches. Calm and quiet at the purple centers here and there.

And somehow it helps. A lot.


So, does this mean that this color will be joining the regular line up? I actually caught my breath, it's so beautiful, and so me! :-)

Lisa S

Yeah, it is. It just means that I have to keep a certain amount of nice light brown soft stuff on hand to play with. I scored some from My Dealer this afternoon and just have to weather the shakes until I get it into my hands again.

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