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Helle From Denmark

Cashmere....mmm...that sounds yummy. And it looks sooo soooft!*GRIN*

I can see you in front of me....with peanut butter all around your mouth....saying mmm..mmm..MMM!*GRIN*

Lisa S

It IS soft and I am MUCH too dainty for a peanut butter face... :o)

Helle From Denmark

Hehe...too dainty....sure!*GRIN* But i do believe that the cashmere is SOFT!*LOL*


What a cool idea with the peanut butter jar. I will have to give that a try here...LOL!

Tell me, do you think that the spin tech helps you crank things out a bit faster?

Lisa S

Yeah, we used to give Sasha the glass jar and hear her clinking her teeth on the thing. Then, we had to get it away from her as soon as she decided to come back into the kitchen. Now, with the baby and the big dog each having an unbreakable peanut butter jar, they are in hog heaven and the fun goes on and on. :o)

The Spin-tech has helped me roar through things, to be sure. The fact that the bobbins hold at least 8 ounces each is a serious plus, as well. I was eyeing the newest generation of electric spinner in this latest issue of Spin-off...the Marj. I would love to see one in action, to see how all of that crazy set-up works. Continuous wind on is nice but will it slow things down, she asks? She who found the Wolly Winder to be too slow. The $1500 price tag makes one's eyes water...hey, I can only spin on one thing at a time, anyway. :o)


does tank have one of those black kong toys? madaket picks hers up, flicks it to me (repeatedly) until i get off the couch and put peanut butter in it for her. yeah, she has me trained right ;-)


I'm surprised that the dog who eats walls hasn't chewed that jar into a thousand fragments!

This is a red letter day, I can see ALL your pictures in this entry! No *#&*$(*^%(*&&(*$ when I click!

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