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Ooooooohhhh, now that is SOME toy lady. You're going to be keeping most of the world in Sock aren't you?

Lisa S

Oh, your voice to Dog's Ear...

Helle From Denmark

Life "socks"!*LOL* Okay...maybe not spelled that way!*GRIN* CONGRATS Sweetie!!!

And....She still talking, im not listening......i will not see such things, as this yummy yarns they have....camel quittevit yarn!*GRIN* and nerves.....ehhh, bank accooouunnt cannot afford that.....UHUUUUUU!*GRIN*


black, black, black!!!


Woo Hoo what a cool TOY!!!


Wow, and the only thing I've mentally connected PEI to was Anne of Green Gables . . .


We went to PEI on a camping trip when I was a kid. I later made a granny-square hat and scarf (it was the in thing in '71) from the yarn my mom bought at a mill there. I wonder, same place? The wool came from the local sheep, I remember that. Qiviut, though, it was not.

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