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Lisa S

Oh, Alison. May your sister have a rain-rain-stay-away bubble of what you do best around her. It is all too much. Tina was getting such a late start, I don't know if she will get out either. UGH!


Thank you, Lisa, and congratulations on getting good numbers there; that's wonderful!


Oh what wonderful news for Rod. Very purty biffle my dear.


Your Pacific and Shade Garden yarns in shawl form were emphatically approved of at my knitting group meeting tonight. Gorgeous.

Helle From Denmark

I am so sad about all this storms.....don't know what to say.....but i do wish all the best for all those who are in the way of this storms. If anybody just want to get out of there, then there is shelter here in my house...even i live in Denmark!

And i am tuned...cannot wait to hear more about this Soap Opera.....! Hate opera...this is the first opera, i find interesting!!*GRIN*

And this colorway......Yummy., i am not going to say will just get stressed out!*LOL*


I'm sure it'll be here today or tomorrow, I'm going to finish my Wild Things this weekend so I can start the emerald right away. It's All Lisa All The Time on my spinning wheel this season!

Wouldn't it be ironic if our global warming catastrophe scenario turned out to be 'not reducing carbon emissions leads to destruction of US oil industry by waves of category 5 hurricanes caused by oceans a couple of degrees warmer than they were 10 years ago'.

Here's a bit of Bal'mer local color. There is a 'Psychic Reader' who has a little shacky cottage behind the Amoco station I pass every morning. She must be doing well because not only is her cottage all fixed up now, there is a Hummer in the driveway. I take pleasure in blocking the driveway while waiting for the light....

Helle From Denmark

Gotta say this. All this weather changes....hotter..more storms and you name it. Blame it on the harvest of all the trees in the Amazones......!!! That is the reason for all this changes, because the amazone has a GIANT...MAJOR...not to say MOST of the influense on the weather! If they would just stop all this harvest of the way or another, then this world might stay a chance to survive!!!:-((

I just hope i am not alive to see this world go under!:-(((



PS I hope Rod asked for a Very Generous hourly rate... he has to go buy health insurance after all...

June P

Oooh Lisa, I love the color you have created for Ms. Caroline! I will definately have to get some of that - "blues and greens are the colors I choose. . ." old JT song -


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