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Wait a minute. You took the top picture, and turned it into the bottome picture? Impressive.

So sad to hear about your friend. It is always hard to watch someone go through something difficult, and not be able to fix it for them.

Lisa S

Yeah, and I think that Helle and Mike are totally they thought that their angora was going to a good home. Hahahaha.


The summer I was 16, we drove along the Gulf Coast on our long ambling way to California from Maryland. Go see the country. Ate at a French restaurant in Biloxi, then the next day at Commander's Palace in the French Quarter. Flirted with the waiter there, an adorable older man (!) of about 20; he totally made my day. Gorgeous, gorgeous old place. Wondered who on earth needed a fireplace in their hotel room in a climate like that... Photos still tucked away of the horse-drawn carriage trotting by. New Orleans will bloom like the bouganvillea climbing up those old wrought-iron railings on the upper floors of that hotel. Maybe it'll put some elevator shoes on in some places first, but it'll dance again.

Meantime, yes. Exactly. It felt good to support my local artists at Kings Mountain. To participate in the creative process with them: that Shade Garden mohair, the yoke's done on the circular shawl and coming along fast... And I found a new favorite to look for: Guillermo Martinez was so passionate about his wooden flutes and his hope for peace and the brotherhood of man, of the ability of music to bridge all cultural divides. I may not have the breath to play his flutes well, and had to pass on them, but I can play his on my CD. And do.

Play it again, New Orleans.


I hope your freind is doing better! It is not easy to watch people we love go through crises because there often is not much we can do.
The angora gloop looks amazing spun up!
I think the arts show our spiritual side and when do we need it the most!?!
Love to hear about the grandfetus, which date was his?


Oh, Lisa - the angora is truly beautiful! That's the Mahogany, yes? Wowza. My best thoughts and support to you and your friend. It's so difficult to watch and feel that there's not much you can do except be a support. I know you're that. Hang in there, both of you.


I would like to stick my face in that pile o'fluff and take a little nap.

HUGS TO FRIEND. Big-wide-world-community of support here for you.


Yes! Kerry said it.

Helle From Denmark

HA.....the angora sure looks a lot better as yarn....!!*GRIN* I had to support Mike all evening...he was just sitting crying......NOT. Hehe....!! Nice work sweetie.......but is it all the angora you have spun there....?? How big are the skeins??:-)

Tom Clark

Just a slight correction for you Lisa - this platinum-tressed, tattoed and pierced dude has been convinced by his daughter to go back to his natural dark blonde. First time in at least twenty years I've actually seen my natural hair color. Yawn. I'm wondering if maybe I can get it dyed to look like the new Mahogany Angora so that my hair can match the beanie cap I'm going to make for myself out of it.

Love the picture of the raw dyed fibers - I think that's going to be a cool addition to the website alongside pictures of the caps that it eventually works up into, n'est ce pas?

How did you know I'd fall for the angora? Am I that transparent, even with all of my Scorpio cloaking and stuff?

Lisa S

Oh will be handsome, whichever color you choose. Change is good and you will be able to sneak into the Santa Monica booth without me noticing (yeah right...who ignores a man fondeling yarn...). This chunky, slubby, textured and colorful angora had TOM written all over it, Baby. Of course, I kept the biggest skein for ME!
See, Helle, what did I tell you? A big hit. Thanks again to you and Mike for allowing me to alchemize your Big Ass Bunny wool. :o)

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