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Wow, please give them our best in Slidell and I hope spinning will soothe them!

I'm guessing either 100% silk or 100% mohair, in Petroglyph?

Glad to see pictures again, Lisa's eye candy is an important diet staple...


Tencel Petroglyph :)

Helle From Denmark

What are you doing have to learn to slow down a BIT.....!! If will end up being able to do NOTHING with this shoulder and arm of yours!!!:-)))

But it sure looks yummy all this stuff (HA...finally some pics!*GRIN*)!!

Hmmm, is it sure looks like it could be something like that?? Fibers....?? Hmmm....that would also looks awesome as yarn!*GIGGLE*

Lisa S

Nope not silk. Angela gets the gold star. It IS Tencel and these are sort of metal colors, which look a lot like...Petroglyph. Different dyes, though. Good job! I think that I am going to incorporate this stuff with some natural brown wool. Oh, to die/dye for...believe me. It, like the cotton is slow on the dry scale and is currently being blown around in the bathroom with the little fan going like mad.

June P

Ahh, well, Lisa! I didn't get to guess, but I was gonna guess merino/tencel - OH Well! Your stuff is just magic. . . When you slow down some I want some Wensleydale in Elektra-baby!!


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