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Ooh I like the new one better, it's more colorful! And when can we start buying silk/merino top from you, ma'am? After the show?? Heehee.

Helle From Denmark

Sooo nice Miss Lisa!! I keep thinking about this Fair Isle Cardigan i so much want to make........hehe....155 bananas is stopping me.......not to talk about the shipping, and paying duty!!! Keep up the good work!:-)

Lisa S

Welcome back, Helle. :o)


Helle! You're back! Good to see you back!!!!


Maybe if you made some ugly yarns once in awhile I'd get bored and stop pawing at your front door night and day for my next fix. But you know Lisa, it's you that set in motion this addiction I have to your cashmeres and angoras.

I try to look away, I try not to click, I try to pretend you're not there. But I know that comfort is only a click away. Resistance is futile...

I tried googling Cashmeres Anonymous but nothing came up. Hope for recovery dims with each new skein. I fully expect to die with a hook in one hand, a skein of your luscious cashmere or angora in the other and a great big happy grin on my face.

There are worse ways to go I suppose.

Lisa S

Awww Tom, you do know how to blow a girl's dress up. Blush. It is not going to get any better, this addiction, with the new box of hook candy, you know. Thank you for sending me The Others. :o) (I am waiting for the weather to change...I want to wear my hat and make the angora fuzz out. The last of that Mesa is in the new cardigan. Yum.)


Hey Lisa--just finished a new pattern just now, using a skein of your silk yarn I bought at KMAF, taking a break from knitting it--you're taking over my book!

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