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Stunning. Just gorgeous. Wow.


Holy cow! That is amazing! Congratulations on finishing that--it is a masterpiece. btw, if I weren't up to my ears in excess yarn for designs right now, I'd have to keep myself away from the 'puter to keep from asking for that... Joanne


Wow, that's a lot of cashmere! And what colorway is the new photo - the silk merino?


My first thought was Holy Cow, and then Wow, but those have already been taken. How about Zounds!


Gorgeous cashmere - Angela colors! I second Jen's question - what is that beautiful silk/merino?

Lisa S

Yeah...a LOT of cashmere. Tom has first dibs and then we go from there, on down the line. They are not ALL taken, Kerry. Be still my heart but they WILL be.
The silk merino is the first attempt at bending ecru fiber to my recipe for a colorway that has always been done over a beige natural fiber. That is Petroglyph, although yours is a bit warmer in the merino, Jen. Of course everyone fell in love with a colorway for which there is no perfect undertone fiber to be had and so I am working my magic...I already have to dye and spin 2 pounds of merino for someone. :o)


Ohhh, can I be Sweetie Pie for just a day and come roll in that Joseph's coat?


I was wondering if that was petroglyph or even olive tones. It is lovely either way!


omg, gawwwjus!!!!


Wow! It is beautiful!


That's really beautiful Lisa. I love seeing all this stuff I can never buy!!


Beautiful--the color and the spinning!

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