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Lucky in life and lucky in love. You've got it babe!


Hippo Birdies, and all that jazz! Your feet look mahvelous, dahling. I love the way the Mardi Gras turned out, and I know first had what a precious gift those hand knit socks are! Sorry to hear about Tank, but agree with everyone on the glucosamine - it does wonders for *my* joints! :-)


Love both the socks! Love the pose - "dog sniffs handknit socks". Hope you are having a wonderful birthday!


No way, two pair! Now I'm doubly jealous!
My fil swears by glucosamine as did my dear old Dad. My poor Dad swore by it before it was as accepted as it is now. He had football knees:-(I hope it helps Tank!


Happy birthday, Lisa! Love the socks! And the Sock Inspector General shot.

I used to use the glucosamine, and it did help a lot (don't need it anymore.) One caution--if there's already any inherent tendency towards diabetes, its one side effect can be to push in that direction. Just something to know.


Yum, just think, someday you'll be luxuriating in wonderful handknit socks YOU MADE YOURSELF. Bwahaha! Glad you had such a nice day. Looking forward to knitting with my mardi gras.


Two socks? How cool is that. The sock knitting machine must be outrageously satisfying. And the colorway is stunning.


2 pair of socks? how lucky can one birthday girl get?

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