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Nancy J

Lots of good sighs of relief...maybe just long enough to catch your breath!


Yeah, yeah, yeah, hey, I just noticed for the first time, even my Birkis have openwork to match (and I've owned those things for two years). But you're the one who dyes all our gorgeous yarns--who you callin' Mary Poppins? Hmm? And hey, Tom--I love your caps!

Congratulations on the news from The Company That Must Not Be Named. What a relief.


Sugar Pie is the picture of contentment. She must really love her new bed if she is staying out of the cashmere, which looks yummy. May your basket always be full. Great hat - is that petroglyph?

Lisa S

The hat is made from natural black baby alpaca and the yarn that I called Mesa, which was half mahogany angora and half natural brown merino. It does look a bit like Petroglyph in the combination, although Petroglyph has a little bit more bronze in it. Of course, the orginal had a colored wool base and now I have to recreate it from an ecru base...softer wool but a little different. It's all good.


Yay, I knew they'd come around! They couldn't be that silly. Could they?
The hat is to die for and you are a meanie taunting us with that big 'ol basket of cashmere!
I am in serious love with sock!-I started a sock in both the peacock and the garnet. Oh my!


Now that is a happy cat!

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