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Love the Sweater2! Rod's made a lot of progress on the shed base - woohoo to him!

Can't go wrong with cat poop, always a favorite at dog parties.


Oh Lisa, Arm Jello, I'm laughing so hard. I actually hate Jello so if there actually was an Arm im my life I'd become Arm Pudding...

I'm impressed with Rod's building prowess. I have three words for him but I'm sure he already knows them: Good. Flashing. Termites. Ask me how I know...

I once lived with a black lab with similar taste in edibles. Eww. There's a big word for it: coprophage. There's a small word for it: gross.

Lisa S

Yeah, baby, yeah. Coproprophage, thanks Caroline, I am always looking for fabulous new words to dazzle the neighbors. Sasha loved it when I layered the garden with my neighbor Cindy's horse foo foo. I just hate the breath...get away from me with that kisses for YOU! I'll have to remember that when next I throw a dog playdate, Kerry. Party hats and kitty poo.

This building is going to be erected by some dudes other than The Husband. He built the Bunny Barn years ago and it sits on blocks. We have a guy that comes around, collects $100 and pretends to be checking for termites, every three months. This thing will not sit on the ground and has a metal base. Oh yeah and the wall chewer sez that he should go to work for the government because he can smell a termite a mile away...well, maybe it is the termite poop...he has an affinity for finding old termite wood or burrowing through walls to get at all remember The Wall...


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy birthday to both of you! Goodness, did you hear me laughing? How about...arm ganache? Here, I'll bring you one of my chocolate decadence cakes made with 40% superduper heavy cream, and you can find out what I mean. Hang on, let me go get some candles first...


Arm jello! I've had my laugh of the day. I can't wait to lay that one on my Rod. Desert II is looking mighty fine, and that barn-building skein-winding man of yours is a keeper. Happy birthday to you both!


wow, 2 tank photos in one day, how did i get so lucky? desert II sounds like a space program. the colors are deliscious. happy birthday to the both of you! don't worry, arm candy man will lose the bling when candygirl finds a bigger daddy warbucks ;-)


your lab sounds like buddy the idiot dog in the tail wagging department. i am glad to hear that you are staying right where you are. have a wonderful birthday, and you don't look any where near the double nickel milestone.

Vicki S

Love that little touch of blue in Desert II. It looks like a little hint of the sky, or maybe a watery mirage. Hope you have a great birthday!


I'll never be Arm Candy, but I'm pretty happy with my Arm :)

Desert II is looking very nice - the best bit is I don't even have to squint, I just look over the top of my glasses!


This made me laugh:
"So, I sez to The Husband while watching some well toned, stilletto heeled woman follow her perfectly dressed children and fancy husband to their Cha-ching-mobile...look dear, he has Arm Candy and you have Arm Jello...enough said. We have each other."

Yeh Lisa, old shoe comfort beats out stilletto-induced backache any day of the week. And you can be darn sure there are moments when Ms. TightlyToned wants to take one of those stillettos off of her aching foot and bury its well-heeled heel in her husband's heart. (Is that alliteration?)

You're the real deal girl - the kind of jello that holds up beautifully well beyond the botox, silicone and carefully sculpted hips. You've got a twinkle in your eye, a smile on your lips, the gift of artistry in your soul and a guy who'll help you wind your yarn. All of which is so much more attractive than the artificially constructed perfection of Ms. Nipped and Tucked and Plucked and Sucked.

Physical perfection is interesting sometimes as a sideshow curiosity but like candy, it doesn't satisfy for very long. Gotta have that thing going on in the heart Lisa - that's what satisfies.

And you've got it going on in spades. Yum.

(And you thought I liked you only for your cashmere? Cashmere shmashmere - without you it's just another thing the goat left behind.)

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