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Nancy J

Sure, bake some bread...then you can 'work' while it is rising, knead it and put it in bread pan, 'work' while it is rising again, put bread in preheated oven and set timer, work while it is baking and then set it out when done and have lovely hot bread with butter and maybe some soup or fruit.........

Lisa S

Nancy, Nancy, you are killing me OR giving me an idea! Yeah, bread...loaves and loaves of the things. Yeah, that's the ticket. Should I drag out my bread machine? Ummm, let's see, I vote for the Trader Joe's Meyer Lemon Cake mix. Taste's home made and there is less time cleaning. I vote for THAT!


I'll bring you some Meyers from my tree and make it an honest cake...


Mind you, that would just be an excuse to come over and knit with you and keep you company while you got some work done. I can wish. Have a wonderful time down south!

Helle From Denmark

Hehe.....when you are done with cleaning your house, you will be more than welcome, to come and clean out here!*GRIN*

I think that was a GREAT idea!!!*GIGGLE*

Bread Machine......hmmm.....sounds like a thing i would love to have!:-)


If you decide to bake something, make it cashmere. Chocolate would be nice.


Lisa S

Oh would be too stinky. :o)


You know of course that I sold out of every last inch of the chocolate cashmere before I was even hardly aware I had it. That leaves us with these inarguable facts:

1.) There are two very lucky people in this world who will soon be wearing chocolate cashmere. I'm not one of them.

2.) You must make more.

Helle From Denmark

Always look on the bright side of life.....badum, badum badum badum. Ohhh, work for you Lisa, and fun for Tome!*GRIN*

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