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Very pretty, Lisa, I think when you finally are ready to mass-produce silk/merino fiber I will finally get this color in my hands!

I'm applying to schools for Emily for kindergarten and my two sets of options are 1) Catholic schools the rest of the neighborhood kids go to, which turns my atheist stomach, or 2) Semi-classy and excellent private schools that I'm going to ask for money but where I worry that Emmy will be the only kid who doesn't get a pony for her 10th birthday and mom's used BMW for her 16th, and sailing lessons every summer. I have my 'parent conference' meeting at one of them on Tuesday and that is one of the questions I'm going to ask: Ethnic diversity is very nice but how is the economic/class diversity of your student body??


Thank you very much! Definitely worth the wait. Goegeous as always!


We have a similar story here - a kid was mad that his parents wouldn't let him switch religions and they had different views on dating, so he hired his best friend to help and they went into his parents' dry cleaning store and shot them each a half dozen times. Huh? Yeah, he loved them, but they wouldn't let him have his 17 yr old way. He was one of the popular kids, too, not the ostracized one. I think the boundaries for kids have expanded so far out that they have to really be "creative" to get noticed. I remember when I was in high school it was a big deal to get to wear jeans in school. When those are your boundaries, you really don't have to put much effort into acting out.

Lovely yarn.


My parents built a house in the woods way out from DC, and it grew up around them into a millionaires' neighborhood--and we were the poor artist types. It was awful--but it was also really good training for what's important in life. Seeing the deceit inherent in putting your trust in your things instead of being there for each other. Seeing what matters.

And that Sky Drama is, as always, gorgeous. I love that colorway.


tease, you call yourself a tease? i call you satan! there are not enough hours in the day to spin all your biffle!
when my son was little and i was poor, he went to a very small expensive private school, we had just moved to the town, and i just looked up schools in the phone book, it was close. the school was excellent, and my son got a great education. maybe growing up with all those kids who had so many material things made him work harder in school. god knows he saw how hard it was for me w/o a college degree. otoh, many of those kids had moms who didn't work, but couldn't be bothered to drop off their kids at the movies. but many of them were wonderful, i will never forget the mom who took care of my son for days when my dad was dying.


Well, I wear my spoilsport banner with pride that i refuse to cater to either bratling, but to give them fully of my self where things count. thank you for reminding me of that reality.
Your biffle is lovely as always.

Helle From Denmark

Ha....and you call other people crack dealers...i have to agree with Vanessa!*GRIN*

But oh boy....i will dream my way to your crack-room if i catch the flu it's your fault, because i have been laying with a cover who got wet!!!*LOL*

Murders..i will never understand what goes on in such persons heads....thank god....if i did, i would consult special doctors, right away!:-)

Lisa S

Yeah, crack dealer...wool crack. YOU are the bunny crack lady...Danish bunny crack, no less. (layers and layers of hanter.)

Yeah, murder. It sucks.

Helle From Denmark

Bunnie crack Lady...haha.....well, then i guess i better see, if i can get doped. I will go stick my nose in it right away!*GRIN*

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