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we gave our girl, whom we had bought from the pound, glucosamine/chondroitin....the doctor put her on it and that really helped. how about this???

my German Shepher Maia who is 3 now, is on that and calcium and vitamins....since she is 100 lbs she gets 3 of all....the doctor, a woman and really a whiz, said let's protect her as we know what they can come down with. i think i die when she gets old and i lose her. this girl is part of me.


so, just so i understand, is there a differnce between opening a few brain cells and having your head blow up?

please give tank a big smooch for me!


Aw, poor baby! Chappy and I are sending sympathies to Tank's elbow. Hope it feels better soon!


Poor Tank. But I do think that glucosamine stuff really does work. I know it does for horses, too.

And on another note.......
Happy Birthday Big Sis!


Awww, not a great way to spend your birthday, away from your baby. Hope his elbow feels better. You should ask your vet about the glucosamine stuff, we had our lab on it for years, starting when she was about 6. Happy, Happy birthday to ewe! Big hugs!


Happy Birthday!


Happy b-day, dog mama! Harry is sending Tank get well wishes. (yes, Harry is another reason to get animals from the shelter, he has allergies but no sore elbow...) Oh, and I'm with Caroline. I might be sweet talked into buying MORE fiber it were silk-merino. That's some dee-lightful stuff. :)


Happy Birthday!

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