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What's that thing by sleeve three?

Nancy J

A true wish book of beauty you have presented here! Have fun tomorrow and pack your camera!!!


Have fun! And tell that grandbaby that Dec 13th is my birthday, might want to aim for that one (but heck, I missed my own mother's by coming a week early.) Amaryllises are the birth month flower, at least in our family.


Ohhhh - baby showers are so much fun! Stay away from the guess the baby food game though :-) Sheila's hair sticks I mean shawl pins are soooo yummy! You should have seen me petting Sam's hair the other night. It was embarassing. Lovely stuff! Hey - next time you send me a package, do you have some business cards you can toss in there? I could have sold the Jospehs Coat off my wheel at the spin in!

Lisa S

Kim, that thing by sleeve three is the back of a new cuddler sweater. I have used this really burly but soft heavy boucle and kid mohair. Zoom...good for me, since this sleeve and its friends took for freaking EVER. Guh. I have to have SOMETHING for the booth, for crying out loud.


I second Jen's wish for Business cards with my roving - Bose does it, you should too!

Hair sticks - let me know what you have left when you get home ;)


Lemon cake sounds really good right now. I have a million things I should be doing, maybe I should make a lemon cake, too.


How you can knit something that complicated on autopilot is beyond me. I look at that and my mind goes numb - totally numb. And then I move on into awe and from there into veneration. I bow before you oh Autopilotus Magnificus.

I knit a sweater once while I was living in Italy - but I still don't know the difference between knit and pearl. Knit is what I think I was doing - pearl is one of those little oyster irritator things you rub against your teeth to see if it's real, right? Anyway, I knit the sleeves and body as one piece. Well, kinda. I knit the front, body & sleeves all one piece and then I knit the back, body & sleeves all one piece exactly like the front. And then I sewed them together. OK, so it was kind of weird but I wore it anyway. And then I lost it. It was all one color and all one stitch. Kind of had to be all one stitch because I don't know how to pearl.

I'll stick to crocheting.


By the way, you should see what I'm doing with your El Dorado. Alternating the gold with the South Pacific and separating them with your black baby alpaca. Pretty darn beautiful. That gold is off the charts - has the look of an old gold chalice worked up. Very Rennaiscancy, maybe even Baroqish. Molto molto bello.


Oh I hope you have some serious fun tomorrow!


Hope you had a good time. I was putting my hands over my eyes about those hairsticks but I don't think I will be able to resist any longer. Hey, christmas is coming, right??

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