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The New Math has become the Old Math, I hear that teachers nowadays have to discourage kids from getting their parents' help with their math homework because it's so different. How much, I want to know, can they change 3x5=15??

Beautiful needles. I find that I never knit with straight needles anymore but they are beautiful.


Interesting the way things work. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I just don't know the reason you taunt us so with promises of pics of sky drama and firestar;-)


New math-old math-new math-old math- now it's Integrated Math. That sound was my head exploding. I got caught in new math and never recovered. ;-) The needles are beautiful, Lisa, and they couldn't have happened to a nicer or more deserving person, so there. :-) Oh, an dat fiber's gorgeous, too!


Interesting coincidence since not even two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Carol myself while visiting a local museum. To think I know someone whom you also know ... as the world turns!

Lisa S

My oh my...the Universe is an interesting place. Kevin Bacon and Carol Soderlund... :o)

Helle From Denmark

Very cute knitting needles. They can always come handy!! Just found out, because i need DP needles in 3 mm, that i don't have those.......but have 2½...and 3½...that is just so typical!! But other needles you have several of!*GRIN*

Lovely colors.......the black/purple....i love that one!!!:-)


And the Lakeview School Safety Patrol wasn't right without you being the lieutenant either...and that math must have been the SMSG math do you remember any of that 'new' math -- I sure don't...-- I'm glad I didn't participate in that 3 yrs in 2 -- and that we graduated in '68 -- And memories of Mrs. Parisi's 5th grade class - you weren't that much of a Rebel or were you???? you are dipping into the old brain cells!!!and this world really is small.... but then again - no one else here can claim having you as a kindergarten buddy. very cute knitting needles ..Janice

Lisa S

Yeah yeah yeah...I figured that I must have been trying to be a rebel because I picked out my own clothes and hairstyle for the th grade pictures and my mother told me that she would not buy them! There you have it...maybe I looked like that Goth Kid. :o) Yes Janice, dipping the old brain cells and visualizing whirled peas...

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