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As ever, Lisa, your work is a delight - the sweater is turning out beautifully, and the Bronze Age is luscious. I hope the show is a trememdous success for you. I'm so sorry to hear about the other - heard about it at work last night. How awful.


That sweater looks delicious - my kind of Desert.

Showed off your Joseph's Coat Merino and Wild Things Silk/Merino at my spinning retreat this weekend so think you may be getting an order or 2 more from BC.


That sweater is gorgeous. And I covet the fluff in the tub there. Beautiful.

I heard that news and wondered how close that was to you. I'm so sorry. I'm afraid I know too well what it's like... The FBI, seven years ago, was investigating the suicide/murder of the Russian owner of a start-up software company and his family. Who lived on our street. Whose 12-year-old son was my daughter's classmate. I had a news anchorwoman try to stick a microphone in my face for simply trying to take a walk a few days later. I cannot tell you how awful it all is--but you already know.

The neighborhood does quiet down, and things do get better. There will always be a grief attached to that house, but the normalness of everyday life eventually seeps back in to normal everyday life. (Though I still wish the people living there now would paint it a different color, do something to change its appearance. But most of the time I can ignore it.)

Helle From Denmark

Look GOOD!!:-)

Sound like you have to put yourself into first speed mode, and get something done dear.......that is of course, if you are planning to sell anything!*GIGGLE*

What a weight you have for your yarn.......makes me think that we have been told to buy a weight because of Michael.....with 1 gram interval.....that will cost a HOLE farm in Denmark to get a good one like that..!!

Lisa S

Thank you, Helle. I use a Tanita digital scale. I bet that if you google for scales, you could find something that would not cost a Danish Farm or a California burial plot.

Nancy J

MOses was down in the cellar eating saurkraut because the saurkraut is fermenting and ... (you get the picture). I grew up with that one ,too...

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