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Oh lisa!!! It doesn't get any better than this! I'll take Weds.

June P

Tuesday evening (late!) 19.5 inches and 7.3 pounds!


Thursday early AM. First babies take a while!


I'm going with Saturday.


Friday's child, most definitely. Of course, this has nothing to do with wishful thinking because "I'm" a Friday's Child. Nope. Nosiree. Friday evening, though. :-)


OK - he's head down, but no little twinges yet? I vote for late Friday into early Saturday. Based of course on my vast personal experience with pregnancy and birth, heehee.


Head down? They can move into position weeks early! This is her first so I am holding out for closer to Christmas. Not that I wish a late delivery for her at this stage, but really, I just don't think it will happen this week. Sorry.

Lisa S

Oh, good to know, Jen. Her due date is the 12th. It has been so long since I pooted out my youngest that I forgot that they can be in position for some time before their birthday! So now we least there is good progress on my shed, even in the rain, poor guys!

Nancy J

Watch for barometric pressure drop! Babies of all species prefer to come with weather changes, particularly nasty storm-time.

Lisa S

Uh's raining. :o) She is actually relaxing for more stress or clenching. Hahaha!


I vote for the 13th. It's a Tuesday, so it's okay. I was born on Saturday Dec 13th, 47 years ago, and it's so nice of your daughter to be aiming towards giving me such a wonderful thing to celebrate.

Not to mention, if your doctor has led you to expect your baby (especially your first) to come early, and they come late, every day past the due date is the longest day on the earth. Ask me how I know.


OK, then I'm switching mine to the 10th.


O.k., my son (my first) was a week early. Desperately scratching through my memory to see if there was a weather change. ;-)

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