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Jan Clark

Wowee, Lisa. Amazing how the different fibers take the dye. All beautiful. -Jan

Nancy J

Gorgeous cinnamon buns as always! Oprah didn't know about those? Don't suppose she knows about natural light bulbs to increase seratonin either! I've been using those bulbs ever since they were first marketed! Now that it dropped from 72 to 24 in 36 hours, our pup is in, too. (Pup = 18 month old collie male.)


Love that Emerald City... So, any more news about the baby??

Lisa S

Well, I have you to blame :o) of course, Caroline. Sheila said that what I gave her for SOAR all went home with people. Woo hoo. Now I have 2 pounds of it to spin for a yarn customer and just sent 2 pounds off to Barb for birthday spinning. You made a lot of people happy by pestering me into doing the impossible, which requires two stages of dyeing...sigh.

The baby is "just chillin'". He gets measured again on Monday and when he is ready to hit the atmosphere, his narrow mama will be thankful if he is not enormous.


lisa, which color is the cinnabon on the bottom, i love it ;-)

Helle From Denmark

Are you trying to kill me, with all those nasty pictures???*GRIN*

Yeah.....Mother nature, has her own will........she is cleaning a bit up on the Earth....!!:-(

Hehe...well, i can tell you this..that the bigger those kids are, when they arrive to this earth.....the faster they come least when you are me. The last one, weighted 4330 grams.......and was blowed out....almost ended up on the floor, but she caught him in a leg!*GRIN*

Lisa S

Thank you, Vanessa. Jan asked me to do Petroglyph and Mahogany in Wensleydale and so I did those colors in that fiber as well as Biffle. The one on the bottom is Wensleydale is a complicated colorway and much like the colors of the desert rocks and hills after the first rain, when a tiny 1/4 inch of green is showing through the old stuff. Thanks to you and Terri for noticing. Jan in North Dakota (brrrr) will have some amazing spinning ahead of her.


Really, two stages. This dyeing stuff is so much more complicated than I thought. Me, I just stuff fiber in a pot and go away. Heehee.

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