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Glad dd is doing well! Got to keep 'em healthy! It sounds like a feast at the Souza house. Thanksgiving is my favorite day. I can't think of a Thanksgiving that I didn't have a load to be thankful for. I hope you and yours have a great one:-)

Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, i love blue colors. And is that Elektra i can see laying there, in a small basket. It sure looks yummy......DROOOOL! I will get a spinning corner one of these days......with a rocking chair.....not a old fashion.....but i sure look forward not to have to set everything up, everytime i wants to spin....but just can sit over and do what i want to do!!

He...just wait dear Lisa.....when you become a grandma.....sorry, i like that word.....then you will burst into tears!!*GRIN*


I always found the way to get a baby to come was to become committed to doing something else for a particular day near the due date. (Ssshhh, Alison...) Anyway--could you consider another car magnet spoken for? Thanks, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, y'all.

Which reminds me: my son just got back from two years gone. He was, among other things, teaching English to Haitian refugees, being fluent himself in Haitian Creole. They asked him what the plural form of "you" was in English. He quickly thought about it and realized, well, this IS southern Florida, and told them, "You" for singular, "y'all" for plural. I'm sorry, but a Haitian Creole accent saying y'all is hysterically funny. As my French is, I'm sure, to a Frenchman--I once said to a friend from Paris that I needed a haircut, but hair and horse are really close, and I used the wrong one... Yup. I needed to cut my horses.

May all your family's communications be wonderful during your holidays.

Helle From Denmark

*LOL* Alison......that would be very expensive to cut your "horses". They do have a lot of "hair"!*GRIN*

Lisa S

Yes, Alison, you are down for a magnet. I just finished a book where Creole was a part of the language the author used. It is The Dew Breaker from Haitian native, Edwidge Danticat, the author of Breath, Eyes, Memory.

I am glad that your son is done with his commitment and can now toss himself into the rest of his life. Now, perhaps he can help you make a Thanksgiving dinner for too many people...I guess that he probably went from ironing a cheese sandwich to making gallons of food with nowhere in between. Welcome him home for us.

I feel safe enough (why, I have no idea) going to the dentist this afternoon because I have been informed that the baby is still upright and lounging. Good deal...I can get one or two more things done. Too bad I can't ignore a broken tooth, eh?


You remember about his ironing a cheese sandwich between foil in the freshman dorms?! (Just don't get it on the ironing board.) Really! Cool! Yeah, he came home after a bike accident--good thing he was already re-enrolled in college, so that he was covered under our insurance--he had ACL knee surgery last week. He's doing really well. Never complained once about it; though he did say, he won't ever retire to Florida. Too many hurricanes. As for food, cooking up 600 Salisbury steaks for the Red Cross shelter in a night--give him a turkey any day, he can handle anything now.

Thanks for the book recommendation; I'll have to go read that one. I loved Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder, about the Harvard doctor who set up a hospital in Haiti. Powerful.


I know what you mean about Cirque du Soleil - the first time I saw them in Santa Monica a million years ago (their first tour) I clapped so hard my hands were sore for a week afterwards. There's something inspiring and wonderful about seeing humans being so creative and inventive with their bodies and the way they dress them and move them.

Isn't it interesting how their fire ignites ours.


Glad they confirmed the baby is just fine. He sounds like a REASONABLE size too, unlike these 11 pound turkey-sized babies Americans seem to turn out. Did they already know it was a boy? if so, what is his little name???

Have a good feast on Thursday. We are supposed to drive 45 minutes to eat with a friend but they're predicting SNOW for Thursday so we may end up roosting at home with macaroni and cheese.


I would like the recipe for the butternut lasagna, please. I am a new butternut squashaholic and can't get enough of the stuff.

I've got pies again this year - I usually make The Big Three - apple, pumpkin & pecan - but pecans for the pie would be $20!! Yikes. Two pumpkins this year.


lisa, i hope the baby is due soon, then he'll be a wonderful sagittarius :-) happy turkey day!


Kerry-got a Costco near you for those pecans (~$8/2 lbs)? Hey, everyone--happy Thanksgiving!

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