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I'm very glad to hear the surgery went well!


Go GreatGrand-to-be. Hugs for a speedy recovery.


cute barn, but where is that baby?

Lisa S

Well, I hope that he is not waiting around for YOUR end of Sag, Vanessa...that is too long to wait. :o)

Thanks for the good wishes for Mary, you guys. She is doing quite well today and the pain of recuperation from the amputation seems to be much less than the infection that she was fighting. Yippee! Who knew?


Oh what good news for Mary - I vote December 6th :)


Oh, whew! Lisa, on your MIL's surgery. I'm glad all went well. Congratulations on the Red Barn - how exciting! And if I need to change my bet as of this Friday, I'm putting on in for Friday, the 9th. Still evening. ;-)


I wish your MIL a speedy recovery from her surgery. Congratulations on the Red Barn. At last! And the yarn is gorgeous, as always.


Cute little barn! Enjoy it!

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