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Love the pictures. I really wanted to widen the view, pan around, then jump in. I wish I could have been there to see and feel everything. Thanks for sharing!

Helle From Denmark

He..wonder what Tom is hiding.....only pictures of him, from the about one from the front, so we know who he is......or I KNOW!!!*GRIN* I am curious!!:-)) You sure looks like you are having fun......makes me envy you guys!:-)


Absolutely beautiful, Lisa, on all counts. Thanks for sharing. And darn, I wish I'd made it to that concert!


I had a ton of fun Lisa - thanks for including me. It was a great weekend being there with you and your hubby. And I have to second your thoughts about Patricia Boyd's gourd sculptures. They were absolutely beautiful and moving and I'm still trying to scheme a way to own one of them. It's been a long time since I've seen sculpture that had such a profound effect on me.

There were a lot of great artists at the show. It was nice to have some time to wander around and look at their work. It's inspiring to see what others are doing with their artistry and it encourages me to keep working on my own.

I thought it was an interesting combination to have you sitting there spinning and me standing there crocheting - almost a full circle when it comes to the process of taking fibers and working them to the point where people can wear them as clothing. I recall one woman standing next to me asking me about my crocheting and when I told her my grandma taught me to crochet when I was five she smiled big and said, "I knew there had to be a story."

People like stories - it makes things more real for them. I think they really enjoy seeing the creative process in action and tieing it into a story somehow. It was fun watching people respond to you as you spun and it was fascinating listening to you talking about your yarns and dying and knitting. I feel like I have a greater insight now into your creative process and it's made the yarns that I buy from you all the more meaningful to me.

I swear I try not to be greedy about your yarns but I've learned the hard way that buying one or two skeins of a lot will guarantee me frustration if the yarn runs out before the cap is finished. (You know how pitiful those emails can be, right?) For what it's worth, virtually all of your yarns end up in caps that end up on people's heads. My Pussy Caps with your yarns sell like hotcakes, so that means that pretty much all of the yarn I buy from you is out there being enjoyed by people all over the country rather than being stashed away in a closet somewhere.

It's all great fun and I love being able to share this adventure with you. Thanks again for a wonderful and relaxing weekend. As soon as I can get Richard to take a picture of me wrapped in my birthday blanket I'll post it on the blog so you can have a good laugh. (Lisa gave me a gorgeous Chule woven blanket for my b-day.)


So glad you had a great weekend and thanks for sharing the pictures!

We saw McCartney last month in NYC and I agree with all you said about him. Sir Paul greatly impressed us not only with his talent but his compassion, friendliness and humility.


Lisa, I'm late to the comment party, but so glad that you and Rod and Tom had such a wonderful time! I love the picture with his WIPs and your finished sweaters in the back. What a weekend! I'm sorry to have missed Paul when he was here. :-)

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