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Lisa, I am thoroughly enjoying the process photographs and honorable mentions of the Deep Sea BFL and Petroglyph Merino, but please send them to Illinois.


OK, Julie has inspired me to get back on my butt and spin the rest of my Deep Sea biffle. I got sidetracked, but her sweater is just beautiful and I want to make one for me.

Lisa S

Josie...Illinois, New Jersey... Poor Nancy heard me transpose VA for PA and set me straight. My computer has it all brain is in "waiting for the baby land". I spun your Biffle through a marathon of the last three TIVO'd episodes of Rome...not to worry, I kept it far far away from all of the blood spatter. :o)


Lisa, I'm thrilled for your son and for your whole family. What a wonderful holiday it must have been in so many significant ways, though I'm awfully sorry to hear about MIL - glad she's gettng good care, though! Julie's sweater is amazing! I hope mine turns out half as well! Hang in there - turkey timer will be popping any time now, and all best vibes are headed your family's way. :-)

Jan Clark

Amazing handspindling with amazing fiber. It all works together. You two are a team for sure!

Lisa S

Ok, Jan. You're next! I can't wait to see what comes off of those beautiful Bosworth's! :o)


I know I am not alone in feeling thankful for you, for sharing your gift for colour and for the generous way you share your experience to help all the Lisa wannabes. Julie's spindling is an inspiration and her sweater is a beauty. I wish your DD a speedy delivery.


Love Julie's sweater! Melanie is right, we're all Thankful for your wonderful colors, they make the world go round.


It's absolutely true - it is the beautiful colors that "make" the sweater! I'm a novice spindler and my yarn looked pretty darn "rustic" when I started, but the fabulous colors looked great when I started to knit it up. As soon as I made a swatch I realized that the bulkiness of the yarn would work to my advantage because the colors were so great. Every inch on the sweater made me want to spin more with my trusty Bosworth :)

Lisa S

Oh Julie, you should be so proud of your work. I think that you will inspire a lot of others to do this. I feel the same way about serendipity dyeing and spinning because it is never boring...I can either let the color roll on as it came out of the dyepot OR one of my favorite things to do is to divide the top up into lots and lots of balls of thin strips that I can pull from, at random or on purpose. It is faster and fun. You have your own page, the first "look what spinners did" page that I asked Brenda to put up in the fiber section. Go here and click on the customer gallery. The rest of you lot might like to have your own page...just send me a picture and I will have the Canadian Queen sling it up there.


Lisa, I'm thankful for you - your humour, energy, caring, and talent - Thank you sweetie!

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