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Helle From Denmark

Ohhh, tell you daughter, she will get there soon enough!!!*GRIN*

Yummy colors......makes me happy......!!!!:-)

I didn't notice it before, until you said this, about how Tom holds the crochet hook........i hold it precisely the same way as he does.......i cannot get my hands to hold it the other way!!*GIGGLE*

Nice scarf.....the colors are showing up very pretty in it!!!:-)

I hope you will soon find out, how the situation about job will must be hard, not to know if he gets fired next day he comes to work!:-)


Go Rod, we're rooting for you.

Hey, Lisa, is that the garnet colorway there? It looks deeper and bluer on my monitor than the ones I've seen in person.


Wow, your yarn is going to be in a book? Cool! It's abou time you got more famous.

Take a wheel. You can spin and say 'go away' at the same time.


Didn't know until just a few months ago that there was another way of holding a crochet hook other than the way I hold it. When I was in Rome this summer my childhood sweetheart Rosarita looked at the way I was holding my hook and said something to the effect of, "That's weird." What's weird for me is trying to hold it like everyone else does - like it's a pencil. Anyway, having tried it both ways now what I find is that the way I hold the hook requires less hand and wrist action. The hook does most of its movement inside my hand rather than the hand and wrist working so hard. For people with carpal tunnel that might be something worth considering.

So you're in the countdown now for the birth - pretty exciting. At least you only have to drive a short ways. Unless your daughter has one of those rare fast labors it sounds like you'll get there in plenty of time. Are you guys going to be participating in the delivery?


The only person who really participates in a delivery is the mom (well, yeah, the baby...) Lol!

Tom, that's curious; I quit crocheting because it's too hard on my hands. Good to know there's an alternative--thanks! And Caroline, Lisa's yarns are going to be in two books, then, if I ever get my manuscript out of here. Lisa deserves the recognition for jobs so well done.

Lisa S

Yup, The Daughter figures that The SIL will be passed out and so I get to help her with push time. Oy! Times have certainly changed but consider that you were WAY ahead of the curve, Tom.


I guess I was just a little ahead of the curve - delivered my daughter and both of her sons. Same midwife assisting at all three births. A lot of people are shocked that I delivered my daughter's babies but to us is just seemed like such a natural thing to do. My son in law said, "That's where I have sex with my wife. I don't want to see a baby coming out of it."

"No problem" I said. "Now I won't have to elbow you out of the way when the baby arrives." :-)

I'm excited for you Lisa. I'm sure your daughter is going to be glad you're there with her. You've got that grounded, calm thing going on. Perfect for helping a baby get here safe and sound.


All my best birthing thoughts are with the entire family, Lisa. You'll be a perfect attendant, and she's lucky to have you! And I'm thrilled to see you getting such great exposure for your wonderful fibers. :-) Wahoo!

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