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Oh sounds like something is going on! May her labor be short and the experience a wonderful one!!!

June P

Oh Lisa, hope everything is ok over there with you guys, but if going into labor early is a worry, just keep this in mind. . .I was a premie two months no less, and that was. . . ahem. . . 40+ years ago! Not to say I am "normal" but hey, I'm here!


Every apendage is crossed for you and I'm sending all of the good vibes I can make on short notice. Are you home fretting or have you already taken off?

Helle From Denmark

HEY.....what do you mean by that.....!*LOL* was a accident i pushed all those just happens to be, your number......i think...haha.....pure you buy that one??*GRIN*

You been real busy on the blog........your daughter sounds like she is sounds like those fake labors.....don't know what it is called in Denmark it is called Plukveer!:-)


36 weeks? "somthing" that might be contractions? First baby? Sounds like Braxton-Hicks to me. False labor. Have her time the contractions, keep a written log. If they get to fi e minutes apart and stay that way for a while it might be real labor.

I had BH contractions for a weekend, then my water broke at the beginning of week 38. Keep an eye, but don't worry.

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