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Helle From Denmark

Is that.......ehhh.......a chrismas bear..?? Oh really do it big when you decorate, eh???*GRIN*


Just make sure the Tankster knows that a tree *inside* the house is not to be used for the same purpose as a tree *outside* the house! Ahhh, the pleasures of male dogs.

Lisa S

Yes, Helle, we like to blow up things in the front yard and hang lights all over the place, just like lots of other goofy Americans. Do it up, I say.

Hey Jen... Tank is not a leg lifter...can you believe it? He is one of those weird guys that just stands there with his back hunched...we always hope that he will not get his own feet wet!


so you are only going to put a tree topper on the tree this year ;-)
hey, my friend's black lab, sammie, also does not lift his leg. but my FEMALE german shorthair, shotsie, does. i think she has gender issues...
where is that baby?????

Lisa S

Awww, and here I thought that my dippy dog was the only one. :o) Maybe Shotsie thinks like Nurse Diesel...does she have a pointy bra and a whip?

That baby is just chillin'...standing around on his head. His mama tells me that she is "over it", having all sorts of odd dreams about her kid coming out talking...nope, that's his daddy. :o)


I can't wait to hear how he reacts to the Christmas tree!!!
Maybe the baby is waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to put up the Christmas tree;-)

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