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Jan Clark

Love the flowers. Great cheerer-uppers. It was -5F this morning. Winter is icumin in. The W'dale just gets better and better as I get better at opening it up. This morning I spent about 5 easy minutes with it, and out popped mountains and clouds of soft and shimmering color. It's spinning well, too.

Well, that's all the news from Lake Frozenover. Love your pup,too!


I'm with Jan - I'd already forgotten what flowers look like.

Hi Tankie-bud! mwa mwa mwa! and mwa to Sashie, too! OK, I've embarrassed myself now.

Nancy J

It's 22 and blowin' -- wind chill 5 here near de Burgh. My Tawny Tornado's like Tank -- never a dull moment because he's movin' toooo fast.


Cute doggie smile!


CHEESE! I see you managed to catch a smile? I wanted you to know I meant next Thursday on the baby watch. I'm definitely hedging my bets here..:)


Just had my folks here, and Mom couldn't get over the bright fuschia-red bouganvillea blooming all over the neighbors' fence. In almost-December. Yeah, Mom, we came out to northern CA from New Hampshire in March '87 where the snow was five months old and gray and gritty from traffic dust.

Tank doesn't know how good he's got it, barn or no barn in his way. But we do. Oh, and--no driving through snow to deliver the baby (been there, done that twice.)


ps. And I should add--those were my April babies!


Personally, I like the deflated version of the santa reindeer. I think you should run over him with the truck so that there's some tire marks starting on one side, going across him and continuing off on the other side. Now that would be hysterical.

When I first saw the picture I seriously thought that was the way he was supposed to be. Seemed perfectly right to me all things considered. :-)

Lisa S

Hey, Tom...YOU can have your very own mood indicator blow-up friend...nineteeeeeeeeeen ninety five. He has two faces...Whoopee and flat so your visitors would know whether to proceed. The problem comes when you are flat and you live with Mary Sunshine, who wants that puppy at attention 24/7...we compromised yesterday and got a timer so that I can't get away with not plugging his fluffy arse into the power outlet. :o)

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