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Tom C

There's something about a red car - can't quite put my finger on it but I know it's got something to do with, uhm, passion. Isn't that kind of oxymoronic though? A fire engine red stealth car?

I think I want one. And some handspun too would be nice! :-)

Enjoy your weekend.

Helle from Denmark!*GRIN* Looks so gorgeous....every thing!!:-)) it our turn, to borrow your helper, so we can get organized too???*GRIN*


I want that car. And the kitty under it is almost as cute! But that car is beyond cool. I had no idea those were on the road and I will be hunting them down and annoying their owners.

I'm so glad you've caught up with the deluge and can relax a bit and get back to spinning - perhaps even knit some? Could that happen??


We never expected you to be organized, you're an ARTIST! I am so glad that the pixies are taking good care of you. And that new little stealth, who wouldn't want to go for a drive in that? It may be time to place another order, that Red Devil is awesome!


Coooooooollll..... And do you know I knitted for seven hours yesterday? Seven, and it's all your fault. Blue Sky, ooh aah.

Sheri in St. Louis

So glad to hear that your wonder-assistant is working out!! (BETTER than working out, I'd say!) And the red car? Way coooool.


Congrats on your new car! And all the organization coming your way. :)

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