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Awwwww - such a cute picture!!


I'm glad to see that Fritz is being raised to think dog slobber is a good thing. He'll grow to be a good man.

Love hearing that you'll be getting Lisa-time and that Rod is taking advantage of it.


Yes, but now Lisa will have time to start thinking up more projects for the webmaster, who is currently trapped in a cabin in the woods of Appalachia with a barfing DH, who keeps asking me if we can go home no

Sheila E

Too Damned Cute!! Both of them!
We need to see a picture of you sitting in the middle of all those orders. There are going to be some pretty happy people this next week! When they get their hands on "their" yarn there will be MORE!! ;)
Enjoy your fun respite.
Couldn't happen better.
As I've said before Rod Rocks!


Brenda, if it helps any, my daughter had a cataract out at the ripe old age of seven. If a little kid can get used to sticking a finger in her eye--they don't do lens implants on kids, she had to wear a contact--it can be done (in case that's something new for you). The specialized aphakic contact lenses have gone way down; they used to cost us $200 apiece, and she would do things like screw the case cover through them. Slice and dice. Three of them in six weeks, and insurance just laughed. I'll bet you're too young for lens implants too?

I learned I can stick a finger in her eye if need be. Just not my own, still. Glasses for me.

Meantime, Lisa, I'm thrilled to hear how well you're doing. Go Lisa!


oh lisa, that photo made me laugh out loud!

`Lisa S

The picture made ME laugh out loud, too...that is why I had to put it in there. Sasha is the Nurse Dog and she gets so excited to see Shnicklefritz. Her gums get bright pink and her pupils get blown...mmmmmmmm baby!


Eep! Doggie kisses. [wrinkles nose] Can ya tell I didn't get 'em as a kid?

Also sitting here happy for you!

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