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Hey!!!! Who you callin' a granny panties, eh? We got one of the first pregnant-mouse-looks to come off the assembly line, thanks to the guy who totalled my Honda. DH decided after testing everything that he really wanted a Prius, shame none were available when we needed a car NOW. Oh. You REALLY want one? Yeah, he says, knowing he's safe, that it's not possible, I do.

So I go in the other room, pick up the phone book, and quietly call every Toyota dealer in there. I get the patronizing lecture umpteen times about the waiting list. Duh, guys. Then the last one: Wait. Wait. Let me call you back. And he does in two minutes, saying they're assigned by VIN and the person on the waiting list moved to New York and isn't coming back to get the car, it arrived today, first person here gets it.

Being one of the first owners meant that every time we parked it we came out later to find at least one person out staring at its insides and checking it out. And now you've got one of the first Camrys; I'll just have to come check it out sometime. One thing to watch out for, though, is stupid pedestrian moments when people don't expect there to be a car when they don't hear one. We deaf types could teach them something about looking both ways.

Meantime. Very good to see you back. I'm writing from my DH's computer, mine died too. I think they got spring fever. Do we need to screen them for Blues-eola?


Glad schnicklefritz is not too serious. He's going to have the best immune system, poor guy. More like poor family. I think it hurts you guys more than it hurts him. I know when the kids are sick it just kills me.
I'll be thinking of you guys-the other Mrs. S, schnicklefritz, son and the ones who only can worry.


how's the MIL move prep going? .. hard for her and you.. and wonderful of you too.

i'm nervously about to hoook up a 2nd printer for printing out THE BOOK... oh, and a german friend has said YOUR yarn is top of HER swap list.
i'm tempted to send her 1 sk of the gorgeousness Sheron sent me for the Whenever kit.

blessings, L


*gack* How can they DO this to you? Don't they know you have a business to run? And don't get me started on computers....


Ooh, a hybrid camry? I adore my car and will drive it till it dies, but then I want a hybrid. Now if only I hadn't been TOTALLY IGNORED every time in my life that I've set foot in a Toyota dealership... I have owned 3 cars so that's out of 3 times.


Holy cow, Lisa. Having a little Roseanne-Roseannadanna moment, eh? if it isn't one thing, it's another. Well, I hope that the Universe is done playing for a while and that all returns to normal soon. Glad to hear there are no schmeasles, but the whole sock yarn thing is just wrong. We gotta get Sheila on that one. ;-) Congrats on the car. We don't have a hybrid yet, but it's next, when I finally get to turn in the MommyVan. Can't wait to see yours! Glad you're back - was starting to worry!

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