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Sheri in St. Louis

Your grandson is absolutely ADORABLE!! (We won't discuss The Slender Mom. Not fair. Give that girl some Krispy Kremes.)

Nancy J

You've got to plead with DD to tell her secret on becoming thin again! And share it with us! And maybe you can pawn off a bunch of stuff on DD...


omg, is it possible that schnitzlefritz is getting even more adorable!!!! thanks for the lab photo :-)


What a picture of schnicklefritz! I can't believe he is so big:-) Breathe and close your eyes. imagine no boxes or mattresses...


She and he are both adorably cute; thank you for sharing them! As for the mattress etc--stuff is just stuff, it comes and goes. (Go Craigslist.) Our loved ones are what it's all about.

And yet I gotta add, I love that yarn. Gorgeous. Yarn isn't in the "just stuff" category; it's in the, let's make something beautiful and get to see someone's face light up. Way cool. Saturday, I blocked my Blue Skies Sock! Merino shawl, and *my* face is the one that was lighting up. So much more interesting than the plain-jane white one that I originally knitted that pattern up in. Ya done good.


Thank you thank you thank you!!! And what a cutie pie your grandson is! Love his robeez!


Boy, some folks have all the good genes. ;-) DD and Bambino Magnifico are both looking fabulous, as is the yarn! I'll repeat what everyone else says about the "stuff" - breathe. Get that Anna Nalick song in your head and roll with it. Heh - maybe the Steve Winwood song instead, eh? ;-) Freecycle and Craig's List can be real sanity savers!

Helle from Denmark

Hehe....and you are to much a chicken, to post a pic of you, with hair who are NOT COMBED......*GRIN*


I'm glad things are going well for you! I've been thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way. Adorable little dude!


Your daughter and grandson look great!


Aw, Snicklefritz gets more handsome every day, and his mamma looks so happy. The handspun is just the icing on the cake!

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