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Tom Clark

Happy Mother's Day Lisa!

And by extension, Happy Grandmother's Day too.


Happy Mother's Day, Lisa! (Hey wait. Is there an echo in the sound system here or what.)


I think a radio station called KFOG is so cool... why can't I have a radio station out here called WOOL, don't you think that would be cool too? Maybe there already is one...

`Lisa S

Yeah, it is cool. Even though they don't use it so much anymore, their sounder is a big deep fog horn BEEEEEEEEEEE-OHHHH. Love it. KFOG is a really fabulous regional radio station but if you go to their website, you can stream their content over the internet. Kerry from Minnesota gets it! If I moved I would have to have a dumpy old PC in the dye room, just so that I could stream the station because I create to the music that they play. Although I catch the last part of the morning show, it is Annalisa that is my main woman.


O.k., I'm with ya on KT Tunstall - love that woman! And I love the new yarn colors. Yum.

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