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He's got the measles?? Goodness, do you think you could talk them into moving to Palo Alto so *I* could watch him so he could stay germ-free? And yet, he looks like he's taking it in good stride. What a cutie.

My husband's grandmother used to drive his sister nuts--because half the time, Grandma didn't remember her, and Lisa--yes, her name is Lisa, too-lived nearby and visited often, but whenever we flew 3000 miles into town, Grandma knew perfectly well who I was: the granddaughter of her best friend from 1952 on. Dementia is a random thing. I hope your MIL's belongings help keep her centered, and I'm awfully glad she has you.

And I'm awfully glad you have Brenda!

The Daughter

Does anyone out there have an immmune system that they can spare? It doesn't have to be 100%, just about 50% even!! The entire family is sick now and I am sporting a 102 temperature. I figured that MB's blog would be a good place to advertise for a donation request. :)


Yeah, life is interesting. THere is no pattern, no rhyme, no reason to who gets what or why. Some stuff makes sense, lots doesn't. All I know these days is not to be surprised by anything after about the age of 75.


My father is suddenly in a nursing home due to Alzheimers - went to the hospital for a little fainting spell but was so combative with the caregivers they wouldn't send him home. So I imagine I might be helping my mother pull stuff out of their house sometime later this year too. It's interesting and sad the endless variety of confused illusions the mind can invent for itself when it decays.

Lauren, look at it this way, by the time Shnicklefritz is 5 he will have the GREATEST immune system...


So sorry about your MIL. My GMIL went into a nursing home after falling and made a mad decline, and then bounced back after stopping some meds and getting over an infection. We'll enjoy for as long as it lasts. Meanwhile, my parents visited my grandmother in Japan, who doesn't recognize family anymore. She recognized my mom one last time, though. My dad said there was a picture hanging of when she first got there, and boy did she look scary, mad and grumpy. Now she's quiet and happy and gentle. Maybe being cared for by people who understood what she was going through, and who were there 24/7, helped her relax?


are we going to get a measles colorway?

`Lisa S

Hahahahaha! Shmeazles, maybe. :o)


Like that gorgeous Delft? Hey, I'd snap it up.

Helle from Denmark

Hehe....I just get the feeling...that I will bite Shnicklefritz in his butt.....*LOL* I remember when the kids was babies....a naked baby after a bath..smelling good....and laughing and crawling...ewww...good for him he is over I can't do it!*GRIN*


Oh - endlots! I have a bunch of yarn that isn't enough for socks, so that would be perfect!!!!!

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