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Beeeeutiful colors!


I can just imagine the phone company underlings suddenly realizing, on the busiest phone day of the year for guess what reason, what it could be like for their own mothers, and clicking that dial on for yours. I'm glad she's reconnected, and I'm glad she has you!

Beautiful colors--pink from over here, but melon will be lovely, too.


Coral-y here, and I love that name - Can't Elope. What will she think of next?!


I found that it was useful to let my mother think that it was HER idea to make me help...when she lost all of her credit cards, cell phone and checkbook. Now, there are only 2 credit cards, a bright orange phone and no checkbook...and I pay all the bills. She thinks she is control- and I let her! I am sure we both think we are manipulating the other- oh well...

The colors are gorgeous and I can hardly wait to see the others in the mail...


Well now, those are fun.


I am impressed that in the midst of all that worry and fatigue that you were able to create those lovely new yarns. Good for you! And your customers! Hugs!


Pretty colors!

Helle from Denmark

Yummy yummy......I like it....!! BUT..and don't hit me in the head, okay!!*GRIN* I somehow feel that the green one, shouldn't be there in the light skein...even i know it's a version of melon, right?? I think it would have been.....ehhh....more romantic if the green one wasn't there!! Now of course...I don't think about socks when looking at them!*GRIN* I think about shawls and other garments!!.-))) Okay.....hate me NOW!!*GRIN*


O.k., both those colors have me weak in the knees. Yeowza. And no one pulls of PB&J better than you. Keep on keeping on. :-)

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